Skateboarding footage out of 30 years and a large amount ofinterviews with community-forming figures: With Asphaltsurfer Marco Tremiliti and Stefan Schorer bring the epochs and developments of German skateboard history to the screen.

What does skateboarding in Germany mean? It is the fascinating story of dynamic change, break-up and break through, inequality and variety.

Asphaltsurfer winds back to the beginning freestyle-contests in the 1970s that appear quite grotesque nowadays. With half-pipe-attitude it rushes through the punk-rocking 80s rounding up in the keen alternation of generations on the 1990s‘ commercial surge.

Asphaltsurfer aims right at the skaters heart! it is the story of german skateboarding.

produced by: Marco Tremiliti, Stefan Schorer, Stefan Senn
cinematography: Marco Tremiliti, Fabian Zenker, Florian Mebes
music: Stefan Senn, Patrick Waizmann, Patrick Hanemann, Oliver Haack
illustration: Mart Klein, Miriam Migliazzi